Calendar: Autumn 2014

Doc Films offers diverse programming every academic quarter. Each night of the week from Sunday through Friday, Doc presents a different ten-week series of films which are curated and voted on by members of Doc's programming board. Saturday nights are devoted to recent releases and classic titles.

See below for the details on our weekly series.

Monday's Cinema of Childhood: Magic and Oatmeal Porridge

Tuesday's Whodunit?: The Detective Story on Film

Wednesday's The Wind Man and the Shogun: Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune

Thursday 1's The Interrator: The Documentary Work of Errol Morris

Thursday 2's Bowie is...: From Ziggy to Zoolander

Friday's You Can't Handle the Youth: '80s Classics of John Hughes and Rob Reiner

Saturday's Dochood: Two Thumbs Up for New Releases

Sunday's Schmaltzywood: The Golden Age of Yiddish Cinema in America (1937-1940)

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