Calendar: Spring 2014

Doc Films offers diverse programming every academic quarter. Each night of the week from Sunday through Friday, Doc presents a different ten-week series of films which are curated and voted on by members of Doc's programming board. Saturday nights are devoted to recent releases and classic titles.

See below for the details on our weekly series:

Monday's Road Trips & Walkabouts: Journeys in Film

Tuesday's Passion and Reason: Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland

Wednesday's American Exuberance: The Films of Robert Altman

Thursday 1's Love Unto Death: Alain Resnais (1922-2014)

Thursday 2's Avant-Terror: Contemporary Art-House Horror

Friday's The Dream Factory: Pixar Studios

Saturday's The Wolf of 59th Street: Spring Bankers

Sunday's Touch of Genius: The Sound Films of Ernst Lubitsch

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