Rendezvous in Paris

Monday 7:00PM

(Eric Rohmer, 1995) · If this delightful triptych had been given a proverb, it would have gone something like this: “The most romantic city is hardly the most loving.” In each irony-laden story, strangers are attractive to the jilted, the suspicious, and the opportunistic, yet they are only important relative to other potential mates. As Roger Ebert put it, “Paris is such an inspiration for these characters that they play lovers even when their hearts aren't in it.” Print courtesy of the Institut Français.

runtime: 94 min format: 35mm


Chicken Rice War

Tuesday 7:00PM

(Chee Kong Cheah, 2000) · In this local retelling of Romeo and Juliet, the Chan and Wong families run two rival chicken rice stalls. When Fenson Wong and Audrey Chan fall in love, their families are forced into a full confrontation with hilarious results. The only feature film by director Chee Kong Cheah, Chicken Rice War remains a classic film for Singaporeans today.

runtime: 100 min format: 35mm


Cries and Whispers

Wednesday 7:00PM 9:00PM

(Ingmar Bergman, 1972) · Maria and Karin return to their family home, an isolated countryside mansion, to visit their sister Agnes, who is dying from cancer. However, as Bergman explores through flashbacks, each of the three detached sisters has a painful past, and only Agnes’ religious maid Anna is left to give her comfort in her final days. Notable for its use of saturated color, especially crimson, Cries and Whispers also won cinematographer Sven Nykvist his first Oscar.

runtime: 91 min format: 35mm


The Man Who Came to Dinner

Sunday 7:00pm

(William Keighley, 1942) · After injuring his hip on the icy steps in front of the Stanley’s home, Sheridan Whiteside, infamously abrasive critic, subjects the family to his constant complaints and meddling over the Christmas holiday. His schemes include a plan to kill the burgeoning romance between his assistant Maggie Cutler (Davis) and local reporter Bert Jefferson. Hilarious and fast-paced, the film shows Davis in a rare comedic setting. 35mm print courtesy of the Library of Congress.

runtime: 112 min format: 35mm