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Le Boucher

(Claude Chabrol, 1970) · In a rural French village, a socially awkward butcher (Jean Yanne) adores an elegant schoolmistress (Stéphane Audran), but his feelings go unreciprocated. When the village is plagued by a series of unsolved murders, she suspects he may be the killer. Chabrol demonstrates that he was one of cinema's great observers of French provincial life, which may be why the Paris newspaper Le Figaro hailed Le Boucher as the best French film since liberation. Print courtesy of the Institut Français

runtime: 95m format: 16mm



Taipei Story

(Edward Yang, 1985) · A mournful anatomy of a city caught between the past and the present, Taipei Story chronicles 119 min the growing estrangement between a washed-up baseball player (Hou Hsiao-Hsien) working in his family's textile business and his girlfriend (Tsai Chin), who clings to the upward mobility of her career in property development. As the couple's dreams of marriage and emigration begin to unravel, Yang's gaze illuminates the precariousness of domestic life and the desperation of Taiwan's globalized modernity.

runtime: 119m format: DCP



A Hard Day's Night

(Richard Lester, 1964) · Capturing a "typical" day in the life of The Beatles in 1964, A Hard Day's Night rides the joyous high of four musicians having irreverent fun while in the full swing of their creative element. The band's misadventures, which consist of them keeping an eye on both Paul McCartney's grandfather and their own troublemaking selves, culminate in a rollicking performance of the title album's tracklist. A timeless film shot with characteristically smart, strange, and freewheeling style throughout.

runtime: 92m format: DCP


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The Image Book

(Jean-Luc Godard, 2019) · The Image Book is composed of a dense weave of found footage, tied together by Godard's engimatic voiceover and shot through with a bevy of literary references too high-brow for mere mortals to grasp. Out of this heady brew of fragments, Godard fashions a piercing interrogation into the sociopolitical significance of the Middle East, culminating in a true triumph of formal innovation--perhaps cinema's first full utilization of the movie theater's surround sound capabilities.

runtime: 84m format: DCP


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