MONDAY @ 7:00 PM

Space is the Place

(John Coney, 1974) · Space is the Place is one of the most important expressions of Afrofuturism to ever grace the silver screen. The film follows musician Sun Ra, Chicago resident and one of the fathers of Afrofuturism, as he attempts to resettle African Americans on a different planet, using music as the mode of transportation. Come for Sun Ra's unique acting and writing, and stay for the incredible soundtrack by musical legends Arkestra.

runtime: 85m format: DCP



The Flowers and the Angry Waves

(Seijun Suzuki, 1964) · The Flowers and the Angry Waves is the follow-up to Kanto Wanderer, starring Kobayashi Akira as a yakuza foreman who elopes with his boss's fiancée and hides out as a construction worker in Tokyo. Suzuki's first film scripted by his longtime collaborator Kimura Takeo, this film is a more naturalistic take on the chivalry genre than others at the time, while still managing to work in some spectacular effects using an elaborate studio set. Print courtesy of the Japan Foundation Film Library.

runtime: 92m format: 35mm


WEDNESDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM


(Alain Cavalier, 1964) · Perhaps best known for supplying the cover of The Smiths' seminal album The Queen is Dead, L'Insoumis stars Delon as Thomas Vlassenroot, a deserter from the French Foreign Legion in the failing Algerian War. Approached by a former lieutenant now working for the OAS, Thomas is offered a chance to return to France if he kidnaps lawyer Dominque Servet. However, Thomas falls for the beautiful Dominque and tries to escape with her as the OAS hunt them down.

runtime: 115m format: DCP



Ms. 45

(Abel Ferrara, 1981) · This classic examplar of the rape-revenge exploitation film stars Zoë Lund as Thana, a mute garment-worker. During her second rape in a day, she manages to disarm her attacker and goes on a vengeance spree with his .45 pistol, hiding her gun in a nun costume, a particularly iconic image. Lund was only 17 at the time of filming but was given vast creative control over Thana's story and chose to emphasize her strength. Note: print is faded and red.

runtime: 80m format: 35mm



Julia's Eyes

(Guillem Morales, 2010) · After her blind sister, Sara, hangs herself in the basement of her house, Julia begins to suspect that she was murdered. Fighting through her own deteriorating eyesight, brought on by a degenerative eye disease, she retraces her sister's steps to figure out what happened. Throughout her amateur investigation, Julia feels a sinister presence following her, and deaths and unsettling events happen around her as she tries to piece it all together.

runtime: 112m format: Digital


FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

La Notte

(Michelangelo Antonioni, 1961) · In the centerpiece of his "alienation trilogy," Antonioni weaves together the iconic presences of Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastroianni as companions whose vows have been swept of love. Amid the tomb of Milan, La Notte embarks on a study of the interplay between amorous lust and repulsion, arising out of the inherent emptiness of human intimacy. Pairing this with our screening of L'Eclisse results in one of cinema's most gorgeous expressions of existential melancholy.

runtime: 122m format: DCP


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SUNDAY @ 4:00 PM

On the Beach at Night Alone

(Hong Sang-soo, 2017) · On the Beach at Night Alone follows a young actress trying to disentangle herself from an upsetting romantic relationship with a married director in Korea as she travels to Hamburg to collect her thoughts. She wanders, broods, and explores the intimate problems of identity and heartbreak in the quiet of a wintry landscape. On the Beach at Night Alone meditates on human connection in a dead landscape with genuine sincerity and melancholy.

runtime: 101m format: DCP


SUNDAY @ 7:00 PM

Beggars of Life

(William A. Wellman, 1928) · Before she was Lulu or a Lost Girl, Louise Brooks mesmerized in this dark adventure drama about two drifters on the lam. Exploited by her stepfather, a farm girl hops a freight train in drag with a handsome vagabond, only to enter a perilous world of double-dealing drifters and sexual menace. With scenes set in a raucous hobo camp and a daring clash staged atop a moving train, Beggars of Life is a harrowing depiction of life on the fringes of society.

runtime: 100m format: DCP


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