(Fritz Lang, 1931) · This expressionistic drama by the great Fritz Lang is the predecessor of the modern serial killer film but its strikingly bold visual designs and masterful use of black-and-white cinematography put it on a level that its imitators haven't been able to reach. Based on a true story, the film follows the attempt to track down a notorious serial killer who preys on children, with the crazed search soon threatening to engulf all of Berlin, from the police to the underworld. Print courtesy of the Chicago Film Archives

runtime: 99m format: 16mm


FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM


(Giovanni Pastrone, 1914) · Set in the 3rd century B.C. against the backdrop of the Punic Wars, Pastrone's Cabiria tells the story of a young noble girl kidnapped by pirates during an eruption of Mt. Etna. Dazzling with its impressive sets, visual effects, and revolutionary moving camera, Cabiria confidently takes its place with the epics of Eisenstein and Griffith (having profound influence on the latter's Intolerance) as a stately remnant of the fantasy and spectacle that ruled cinema before the advent of the Second World War.

runtime: 148m format: 16mm


SATURDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

Wild at Heart

(David Lynch, 1990) · The road film that only David Lynch could make, Wild at Heart tells the story of two young lovers, Lula and Sailor. When Sailor angers Lula's psychotic mother, they embark on a journey across the South to escape the variety of thugs her mother sends their way. Based on Barry Giffords' book of the same name, it employs Lynch's signature black humor and surrealist style in what one Rolling Stone called "a bonfire of a movie." Print courtesy of the Chicago Cinema Society

runtime: 125m format: 35mm


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