Alexander Nevsky

(Sergei Eisenstein, 1938) · After the monumental Battleship Potemkin, master Sergei Eisenstein turns his sights on the Russian folk hero, Prince Alexander Nevsky. The resulting film follows a group of Russian soldiers as they defend their homeland from invading Teutonic knights. Eisenstein's formal brilliance, and conviction in the glories of political struggle, transforms this underdog story into a towering historical epic. Don't miss the iconic Battle on the Ice scene, set to Sergei Prokofiev's soaring score.

runtime: 112m format: 16mm


FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Swing High, Swing Low

(Mitchell Leisen, 1937) · A rowdy trumpeter recently discharged from the army, Skid (Fred MacMurray) finds himself in Panama looking for a date. Upon meeting Maggie (Carole Lombard), Skid attempts to win her affection by defending her honor in a bar brawl. Accidentally making her lose her job as a ship hairdresser in the process, Skid takes her in with his friend Harry and together they set out to make ends meet and get back to the U.S. Print preserved by the Library of Congress.

runtime: 92m format: 35mm


SATURDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Mifune: The Last Samurai

(Steven Okazaki, 2015) · This documentary examines the life of one of the greatest and most iconic actors of all time: Toshiro Mifune, who lent his striking visage and presence to over 15 films, many of which are today recognized as canonical classics. Perhaps best known for his fruitful collaborations with Akira Kurosawa, Mifune is renowned and remembered for such famous characters as Kikuchiyo in Seven Samurai, Sanjuro Kuwabatake in Yojimbo, and Tajomaru in Rashomon.

runtime: 80m format: DCP


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