Sullivan's Travels

Monday 7:00PM

(Preston Sturges, 1941) · Hollywood director John Sullivan (Joel McCrea) wants to make the great Depression-Era tragedy and he wants to call it "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"(!). To research, he goes undercover as a tramp, hitchhiking and train hopping around America for material. The result is a philosophical screwball comedy that addresses poverty, class perspective, and the conflict between art and entertainment, even as it satirizes the very idea of social relevance.

runtime: 90 min format: 35mm



Tuesday 7:00PM

(Michael Snow, 1969) · Snow called it a visual examination of Einstein's mass-energy equivalence. The camera moves at different speeds around an empty room. The room's spatial bulk is transformed through the camera's motion into light. Rhythms of movement create different visible effects. Patterns emerge within the way space is transformed by the mere presence of a camera. We are the space; the space becomes movement; the movement creates light; light reveals our selves.

runtime: 52 min format: 16mm


California Split

Wednesday 7:00PM 9:15PM

(Robert Altman, 1974) · Bill Denny (George Segal) and Charlie Waters (Elliott Gould) form a warm friendship over a romp of gambling and drinking. But as their luck turns, their fortunes take a dive. Addicted and with nothing to lose, they bet everything they have on an all-or-nothing trip to Reno to win in a high-stakes poker game. With its relaxed characterization and subtle humor, California Split is the most understated and devastating film of Robert Altman's career.

runtime: 108 min format: 35mm


Special Event: Nicky's Family

Thursday 5:00PM

(Matej Minac, 2011) · Just before the outbreak of World War II, an ordinary British stockbroker, Nicholas Winton, organized the rescue of 669 Czech and Slovak children. His modesty kept his stories in the dark until his wife discovered documents in an attic detailing the operation. In this award-winning documentary, "Winston's children" and their descendants chroncle his heroic deeds and continue to follow in his footsteps to do good. Followed by a post-film discussion. (Free with UCID)

runtime: 100 min format: DCP


Love Unto Death

Thursday 7:00PM

(Alain Resnais, 1984) · Simon and Elizabeth's happy marriage comes to a halt after Simon suffers a near-death experience. Despite his miraculous recovery, Simon soon becomes obsessed with his own morality, convinced that his resurrection was a mistake. This four-hander is reminiscent of a Bergman chamber drama and features the same quartet of actors from Life Is A Bed Of Roses, though avant-garde composer Hans Werner Henze's haunting chamber orchestra score is the real star.

runtime: 92 min format: DCP


28 Days Later

Thursday 9:00PM

(Danny Boyle, 2002) · Much of the resurgent interest in zombies in the past decade can be attributed to this film, in which director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire) relies on cheap digital cinematography to capture the urgency and panic of an apocalyptic scenario. Taking a cue from George Romero's classic Day of the Dead, Boyle is equally concerned with the horrific, brutal behavior between survivors as he is with the hordes of the infected.

runtime: 113 min format: 35mm


Monsters, Inc.

Friday 7:00PM 9:15PM

Sat 3:30PM Sun 1:00PM

(Pete Docter, 2001) · Follow Boo through her flowered pink door into the parallel universe of Monstropolis, a city powered by the screams of children. Sully, the fuzzy, blue-haired giant, is best friends with the one-eyed, green Mike Wazowski. They're top Scarers at local electricity company Monsters, Inc. Their coworkers include the chameleon-lizard rival Randall Boggs and a Gorgon-headed secretary. Somehow, even the Abominable Snowman manages to make an appearance.

runtime: 92 min format: 35mm


The Great Beauty

Saturday 7:00PM 10:00PM

Sunday 3:00PM

(Paolo Sorrentino, 2013) · In a rich homage to Italian neorealism, an aging playboy and onetime author withdraws from the center of Roman nightlife. The ancient city comprises his new, lonely pursuits. He hopes to find something enduring and meaningful in his lifelong contemplation and immersion in beauty. He longs to trust the likes of Hippolyta, who said the imagination of the lunatic, lover, and poet "grows to something of great constancy, but howsoever strange."

runtime: 142 min format: 35mm


The Merry Widow

Sunday 7:00PM

(Ernst Lubitsch, 1934) · Consternation reigns in the tiny kingdom of Marshovia, where the country's wealthiest taxpayer (Jeanette MacDonald) has moved away. The frantic king dispatches handsome Count Danilo (Maurice Chevalier) to seduce and marry her, ensuring that her fortune will return to the local coffers. It's easier said than done: for one thing, he doesn't even know what she looks like, as he's never seen her without a widow's veil, and she seems determined to stay hidden.

runtime: 99 min format: 35mm



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