Le Beau Mariage

Monday 7:00PM

(Eric Rohmer, 1982) · “Who has not built castles in Spain?” Tired of having affairs with unavailable men, Sabine (Béatrice Romand) decides to get married. Her object (André Dussollier) isn't interested but rebuffs her too politely to deter her. She is one of Rohmer's most indelible contradictions: self-possessed but dependent, and yet still impervious to advice. As the proverb suggests, her mission is not unlike our own flights of fancy. Print courtesy of the Institut Français.

runtime: 97 min format: 35mm


Money No Enough

Tuesday 7:00PM

(Tay Teck Lock, 1998 · This rollicking comedy about three Singaporean men in dire financial straits both satirized the Singaporean preoccupation with material wealth and served as a shot in the arm for the nation’s film industry. The success of the film launched the career of its writer Jack Neo, now one of the most prominent Singaporean directors, and paved the way for the use of non-Mandarin Chinese dialects in other local productions.

runtime: 98 min format: DVD


Sawdust and Tinsel

Wednesday 7:00PM 9:00PM

(Ingmar Bergman, 1953) · A circus coachman recounts the tale of Frost the Clown (Anders Ek), humiliated after his wanton wife draws the kind of laugh that hurts. Frost’s breakdown preludes the doomed romance of a ringmaster (Åke Grönberg) and his carny lover, who take turns feeling jealous and lonely when they come to a town where each has a chance to settle down. They may just have to settle for each other.

runtime: 93 min format: 16mm


The Learning Tree

Thursday 7:00PM

(Gordon Parks, 1969) · The first major Hollywood studio film directed by an African American, Gordon Parks’ feature debut is a coming-of-age story based on Parks’ semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. The Learning Tree follows two black teenagers, Newt Winger and Marcus Savage, as they grow up in rural Kansas and confront racial discrimination in the late 1920s and early 1930s. The film was among the first 25 films included in the National Film Registry in 1989.

runtime: 107 min format: 35mm



Thursday 9:15PM

(Steven Lisberger, 1982 · Flynn (Jeff Bridges), former 10x software engineer and arcade parlour owner, is digitally zapped into the internals of a corporate mainframe; en route to escape, he must joust with enslaved anthropomorphic software programs filled with theological speculations about their developers. With a visual aesthetic like Fritz Lang huffing fluorescent paint and spectacular Fairlight synthesizer-driven sound design, Tron is a still-mesmerizing achievement.

runtime: 96 min format: 35mm


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Friday 7:00PM 9:15PM
Sunday 1:30 PM

(George Roy Hill, 1969) · Paul Newman and Robert Redford play the notorious bank robbing duo, alternately shooting and charming their way into bags and bags of loot with impunity. Reeling from losses, a powerful railroad company assembles a ruthless posse of star lawmen and trackers, forcing Butch and Sundance to relocate to Bolivia. Newman and Redford share a chemistry that transcends western period setting and syncs beautifully with a pop-infused soundtrack.

runtime: 110 min format: 35mm


The Tribe

Saturday 7:00PM 9:30PM
Sunday 3:45 PM

(Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, 2014) · Serhiy (Grigoriy Fesenko) is new to the school, but is quickly submerged into its claustrophobic world of organized crime. Here, the combination of prostitution, robbery, and good old-fashioned overzealous teenage desires form a volatile concoction in one of the strangest and most devastating releases this year. Entirely in Ukranian sign language, and lacking subtitles, The Tribe is contemporary evidence of the potency of the visual language of cinema.

runtime: 132 min format: DCP


The Petrified Forest

Sunday 7:00pm

(Archie Mayo, 1936) · At the edge of Arizona's Petrified Forest, Gabrielle Maple (Bette Davis) helps her father and grandfather run a roadside diner, though she dreams of painting in France, where her mother lives. After finding a kindred soul in a drifting former writer played by Leslie Howard, Gabrielle finds herself and the diner caught hostage by notorious gangster Duke Mantee (Humphrey Bogart's first major role). 35mm print courtesy of the Library of Congress.

runtime: 82 min format: 35mm


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