45 Years

Saturday, December 5, 4:30 pm

(Andrew Haigh, 2015) · The winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actress (Charlotte Rampling) and Best Actor (Tom Courtenay) at the Berlin International Film Festival, Andrew Haigh’s (Weekend, Looking) film is a moving and profound look at marriage and the secrets we keep. There is just one week until Kate Mercer’s (Rampling) 45th wedding anniversary and the planning for the party is going well. But then a letter arrives for her husband (Courtenay). The body of his first love has been discovered, frozen and preserved in the icy glaciers of the Swiss Alps. By the time the party is upon them, five days later, there may not be a marriage left to celebrate. runtime: 95 min format: DCP





Autumn Tale

Monday 7:00PM TBA

(Eric Rohmer, 1998) · For the first and only time, Rohmer turned his attention to middle-aged romance, made all the more poignant by the casting of former leads Béatrice Romand and Marie Rivière. Romand plays Magali, a lonely, widowed winemaker. Her meddling friend (Rivière) places a personal ad on her behalf, while her son’s girlfriend tries to set her up with her ex-lover/professor. Rohmer shrewdly paints these women as both hardened by time and as vibrant as ever. Print courtesy of the Institut Français.

runtime: 112 min format: 35mm


Be With Me

Tuesday 7:00PM

(Eric Khoo, 2005) · Though a clear departure from the gritty style of Mee Pok Man and 12 Storeys ten years earlier, this film still retains director Khoo’s signature choice of unconventional subjects. Be With Me tells four different but interwoven stories about love that culminate bittersweetly or in tragedy. The most memorable of these stories features Singapore cinema’s first on-screen lesbian couple.

runtime: 93 min format: 35mm


The Magic Flute

Wednesday 7:00PM 9:30PM

(Ingmar Bergman, 1975) · Adapted from Mozart’s opera, Bergman’s film version of The Magic Flute is a work of fantasy and wonder, centered around the love story between Tamino and Pamina, the Queen of the Night’s daughter. When Pamina is kidnapped, Tamino sets out to save her, armed with a magic flute that turns sadness to happiness. The film was a long-time project for Bergman, who had been captivated by Mozart’s opera since seeing it for the first time at Stockholm’s Royal Opera when he was 12.

runtime: 135 min format: 35mm


The Matrix

Thursday 7:00PM

(Andy and Lana Wachowski, 1999) · Under-the-radar idiosyncratic hometown heroes Lana and Andy Wachowski were given carte blanche to realize their populist fantasies in this blockbuster film, concerning vinyl-clad hackers clubbing at Neo (Keanu Reeves), studying Bruce Lee movies, and smashing the camera obscura of corporate office life, all via a continually fruitful virtual reality / Plato's Cave metaphor.

runtime: 136 min format: 35mm


The Matrix Reloaded

Thursday 9:30PM

(Andy and Lana Wachowski, 2003) · Neo and Trinity, now a romantic couple, return to face a new crisis in this sequel to The Matrix, set six months after the first film’s events. Filled with surreal fighting sequences—watch as Neo takes on 100 Agent Smith clones in a fist fight—and novel special effects, The Matrix Reloaded serves as further proof that the Wachowski siblings know how to make a fun and thrilling action movie.

runtime: 138 min format: 35mm


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Friday 7:00PM 9:30PM
Sunday 1:30 PM

(Steven Spielberg, 1977) · After a run-in with strange lights, Roy Neary gets drawn deeper and deeper into a UFO obsession that disrupts his home life. Captivated with visions he cannot explain, he sets out to confront his obsession. Along the way he uncovers a government conspiracy on the verge of making contact with intelligent alien life. Spielberg marries dazzling spectacle with a sense of awe more childlike than Richard Dreyfuss making sand castles with his mashed potatoes.

runtime: 137 min format: 35mm



Saturday 7:00PM 9:00PM
Sunday 4:00 PM

(Sean Baker, 2015) · After a month in jail, transgender prostitute Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) spends her Christmas Eve running around L.A. in search of her unfaithful boyfriend (and pimp) Chester’s other girlfriend. Sin-Dee’s friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), who dreams of entering show business, keeps her from falling apart. Shot entirely on an iPhone 5S, Tangerine features poignant and unforced performances from Rodriguez and Mya Taylor, trans actresses themselves.

runtime: 88 min format: DCP


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Sunday 7:00pm

(Robert Aldrich, 1962) · After years of jealousy and resentment, sisters and aged former actresses Blanche (Joan Crawford) and ‘Baby’ Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) now live together in the same mansion. Beginning to suffer from mental illness, Jane begins to torment Blanche, who is confined to a wheelchair in her room, culminating in disaster for the two sisters. The film’s sibling rivalry is fierce and tense, intensified by the actresses’ own infamous rivalry with one another.

runtime: 134 min format: 35mm


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