A Farewell to Arms

Wednesday 7:00PM

(Frank Borzage, 1932) · The first film adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's works, this movie won the praise of just about everyone except the ever-curmudgeonly author. Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes star as forbidden lovers Lieutenant Henry and Catherine Barclay, whose romance flourishes and collapses against the background of World War I. Despite his contempt for the film itself, Hemingway became lifelong friends with Cooper, who would later star in For Whom the Bell Tolls.

runtime: 85 min format: 16mm


The Jackie Robinson Story

Thursday 7:00PM

(Alfred E. Green, 1950) · In this film, baseball legend Robinson, the first African-American player to reach the majors, adds movie stardom to his many other accomplishments. He plays himself in this biopic, depicting his battle against bigotry in the early years of his career and his key role in the Dodgers' pennant-winning team of the era. He's not the only sporting pioneer on hand: look for Kenny Washington, one of the first black football players in the pros, in a small role! From the Collection of the Library of Congress

runtime: 76 min format: 16mm


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