Hearts of the World

Wednesday 7:00 PM

(D. W. Griffith, 1918) · In an attempt to arouse American public interest in World War I, the British government sought out film pioneer D.W. Griffith to direct what would become Hearts of the World, an epic, propagandistic melodrama about two star-crossed lovers living in war-torn France. Starring the Gish sisters and Robert Harron, the film was a financial and political success, helping fuel the unforgiving American public opinion of the Central Powers.

runtime: 117 min format: 16mm


Home for Life

Thursday 7:00 PM

(Gordon Quinn and Gerald Temaner, 1967) · Kartemquinís very first film, Home for Life chronicles the emotional journey of two elderly individuals' first months in an assisted living facility. Conflicted about their new position while wishing to maintain their independence and productivity, they begin to realize that they can no longer care for themselves. Brutally honest and artfully composed, this intimate documentary is both touching and instructive of the transitions of old age.

runtime: 80 min format: 16mm


Black Magic

Friday 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

(Gregory Ratoff, 1949) · An adaptation of Alexandre Dumasís novel, Black Magic stars Orson Welles as Joseph Balsamo, a French gypsy who passes from torturous childhood to hypnotist, magician, and con-artist. As Count Cagliostro, Balsamo wins wealth and fame, and plots to lay low King Louis XV. Though uncredited, Welles also co-directed the film, which features much of his signature style in addition to its elaborate costumes and sets. Print preserved by the Library of Congress.

runtime: 105 min format: 35mm


Primary Colors

Saturday 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

(Mike Nichols, 1998) · John Travolta plays Jack Stanton, a young, charming Southern governor with a subtle knack for manipulation, a weakness for doggin' around, and a strong wife (Emma Thompson) who gives unflinching support, as long as news cameras are rolling. Based on the bestselling exposé, the film follows Henry Burton (Adrian Lester), Stantonís new campaign manager, who finds himself increasingly disillusioned with politics the closer he gets to the ambitious governor.

runtime: 143 min format: 35mm


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