Programmed by Alexander Fee and Antonia Glaser

From underappreciated classics to well-known hits: we proudly present Fridays as specially curated to exhibit a wide array of cinema that deserves the extra screening!

3/30/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
4/1/2018 @ 1:30 PM

Get Out

(Jordan Peele, 2017) · A genre-bending milestone in horror cinema, Jordan Peele's Get Out tells the nightmarish story of Chris, a young black artist whose WASP girlfriend, Rose, takes him to her rural home for the weekend. All appears normal on the surface, until Rose's family's seemingly na├»ve microaggressions take a sadistic turn. Get Out combines comedy and horror, seamlessly blending narrative with complex social and aesthetic commentary on race in America. Co-presented with Court Theater.

runtime: 104m format: DCP


4/6/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
4/8/18 @ 1:30 PM

The Earrings of Madame de..

(Max Ophüls, 1953) · Ophüls' lushly stylized masterpiece is famous for its virtuosic camerawork. Louise is trapped in a strained marriage to Count André. A high-level general in the French army, André deals with his marital troubles by seeing a mistress; Louise by shopping to excess. After finding herself deep in debt, Louise covertly sells her earrings, a wedding gift from André. Declared stolen, the earrings begin a serendipitous adventure through the decadent world of the aristocracy.

runtime: 105m format: 35mm


4/13/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
4/15/18 @ 1:30 PM

Before Midnight

(Richard Linklater, 2013) · In the final installment of the "Before" trilogy, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) are now married, but still up to their old tricks: wandering around Europe and talking about life, love, free will, etc, this time in Greece, while staying at a villa with friends. Coruscating conversation abounds, but when Jesse and Celine go off on a romantic evening alone, long-simmering tensions once again emerge, threatening to unravel their entire relationship.

runtime: 109m format: 35mm



4/20/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
4/22/18 @ 1:30 PM

Dazed and Confused

(Richard Linklater, 1993) · As school lets out for the summer of '76, students at a Texas high school await the yearly hazing ritual. After the mayhem, teenage angst, uncertainty, anticipation, and bliss break loose. The film follows the characters as they goof around at the pool hall, hamburger joint, football field. Thanks to its loose structure, Dazed and Confused paints a convincing and charming portrait of small-town American life, true to the people and era that it portrays.

runtime: 102m format: 35mm


4/27/18 @ 7:00 PM
4/29/18 @ 1:30 PM


(Robert Altman, 1975) · Borrowing from musical, political homily, and celebrity, Nashville appropriates our shared cultural language to create a pastiche of twentieth-century America. Featuring a massive ensemble cast, myriad storylines, and a full repertoire of original music, the film is the high-water mark of Altman's exuberant and intense filmic style. Appropriately, the movie climaxes at the Nashville Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the Athenian original.

runtime: 160m format: DCP


5/4/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
5/6/18 @ 1:30 PM

About Elly

(Asghar Farhadi, 2009) · In this drama set near the Caspian Sea, Farhadi's singular ability to capture the nuances of modern Iranian life is on full display. Golshifteh Farahani plays the titular Elly, a single woman on vacation with a group of strangers, comprised of two couples and a recent divorcé with whom Elly is unwillingly set up. The unfolding of this somber and mysterious film raises questions about traditional gender roles and the consequences of meddling in the lives of others.

runtime: 119m format: 35mm


5/11/18 @ 9:30 PM
5/13/18 @ 1:30 PM


(Katsuhiro Otomo, 1988) · Akirais widely considered one of the greatest anime films of all time, cited as the inspiration for everything from Narutoto The Matrix. Set in the year 2019, this exemplar of the cyber-punk aesthetic is set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo that's been nuked by its own government, following Shōtarō, the leader of a bike gang, and his friend, Tetsuo, who has developed telekinetic powers. The two friends uncover a host of secrets that threaten to destabilize all of society.

runtime: 124m format: 35mm


5/18/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
5/20/18 @ 1:30 PM

King of Hearts

(Philippe de Broca, 1966) · Chicago Premiere of New Restoration! Set towards the end of the First World War in a small French town, King of Hearts opens up its plaza to humor both absurd and spectacular. A British soldier (Alan Bates), tasked with diffusing a hidden bomb, finds the town empty-- save for the patients of its asylum. Shenanigans ensue, intimate and grandiose: one is left with a scheme of--dare we say it--what the hearts of kings are made of.

runtime: 102m format: DCP


5/25/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
5/27/18 @ 1:30 PM

A Night at the Opera

(Sam Wood, Edmund Golding, 1935) · In the Marx Brothers' riotous take on high society, socialite Otis B. Driftwood's (Groucho) investment in the New York Opera threatens to run astray when Driftwood inadvertently signs on the wrong "greatest tenor in the world"-really a choirist aided by his best friend (Chico). The Marx Brothers deliver trademark motormouth wordplay and inspired slapstick as Chico, Harpo & co. stow aboard an ocean liner and sabotage a performance of Il Trovatore.

runtime: 96m format: 35mm


6/1/18 @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
6/3/18 @ 1:30 PM

Chimes At Midnight

(Orson Welles, 1965) · Orson Welles's genius is firing on all cylinders in this brilliant revision of Shakespeare's Henriad. As staggering a medieval epic as was ever put to celluloid, Chimes at Midnight puts a fresh spin on the Bard's ubiquitous classic by making the bold decision to place the bombastic, boozing Sir Falstaff (usually a supporting character) at its center. Balancing ribald comedy with weighty drama, Welles directs and acts at the height (or rather girth) of his virtuosic ability.

runtime: 119m format: 35mm


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