Calendar: Winter 2015

Doc Films offers diverse programming every academic quarter. Each night of the week from Sunday through Friday, Doc presents a different ten-week series of films which are curated and voted on by members of Doc's programming board. Saturday nights are devoted to recent releases and classic titles.

See below for the details on our weekly series.

Monday's Love Battles: The Films of Jacques Doillon

Tuesday's Live From New York: A Saturday Night Live Alumni Retrospective

Wednesday's Beyond Passions: Federico Fellini

Thursday 1's Prison Break!: Prison Break Films of the 20th Century

Thursday 2's Behind the Convent Walls: Bad Habits and Naughty Nuns

Friday's Dial D for Doc: Hitchcock in Hollywood, 1943-1963

Saturday's The BabaDoc: Ba-ba-ba... doc! Doc! DOOOOOC!

Sunday's Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16

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