2017 Series

Winter 2017

Monday's Film and AIDS: Early Queer Responses to the AIDS Epidemic

Tuesday's Film at the Arctic Circle: Icelandic Cinema of the Past 25 Years

Wednesday's The Tramp: A Charlie Chaplin Retrospective

Thursday 1's Parallax Views: Paranoid Thrillers from Nixon's America and Beyond

Thursday 2's Live. Doc. Repeat: Time Travel Cinema

Friday's A Brighter Summer Doc: Fantastic Films and Where to Find Them

Saturday's A Brighter Summer Doc: Fantastic Films and Where to Find Them

Sunday's Delusions of Adequacy: Outcasts, Iconoclasts & Delinquents of the Silver Screen


Spring 2017

Monday's Heat and Sand: The Desert Film

Tuesday's Stories from the New Land: Chronicles of the Migrant Experience

Wednesday's Robert Bresson: "Find Without Seeking"

Thursday 1's Defend the Keep: Sieges, Encirclements, and Last Stands

Thursday 2's Neon Noir: Fluorescent Visions of Vice and Violence

Friday's Doc Picks

Saturday's New Releases

Sunday's Women by Women: Portraits by Contemporary Directors


Fall 2017

Monday's Commedia All'Italiana: Italian Comedy in the 60's and 70's

Tuesday's Dreams and Ashes: Essentials of Polish Cinema

Wednesday's Il Padrone: An Al Pacino Retrospective

Thursday 1's Growing Up: Coming of Age Around the World

Thursday 2's Down the Rabbit Hole: Mindfucks and Mysteries at the Movies

Friday's From Here to Eternity: A Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift Retrospective

Saturday's Doc Untamed: New Releases

Sunday's Love is Colder Than Death: The Films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder


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