2014 Series

Fall 2014

Monday's Cinema of Childhood: Magic and Oatmeal Porridge

Tuesday's Whodunit?: The Detective Story on Film

Wednesday's The Wind Man and the Shogun: Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune

Thursday 1's The Interrator: The Documentary Work of Errol Morris

Thursday 2's Bowie is...: From Ziggy to Zoolander

Friday's You Can't Handle the Youth: '80s Classics of John Hughes and Rob Reiner

Saturday's Dochood: Two Thumbs Up for New Releases

Sunday's Schmaltzywood: The Golden Age of Yiddish Cinema in America (1937-1940)


Spring 2014

Monday's Road Trips & Walkabouts: Journeys in Film

Tuesday's Passion and Reason: Michael Snow and Joyce Wieland

Wednesday's American Exuberance: The Films of Robert Altman

Thursday 1's Love Unto Death: Alain Resnais (1922-2014)

Thursday 2's Avant-Terror: Contemporary Art-House Horror

Friday's The Dream Factory: Pixar Studios

Saturday's The Wolf of 59th Street: Spring Bankers

Sunday's Touch of Genius: The Sound Films of Ernst Lubitsch


Winter 2014

Monday's Early Katharine Hepburn: A Woman Rebels

Tuesday's Hong Kong Masters: The Innovative Kung Fu of Lau kar-leung

Wednesday's Brian De Palma: Virtuosity and Ecstasy

Thursday 1's Sisters in Cinema: African American Women Filmmakers

Thursday 2's Cage Uncaged: A Nicolas Cage Retrospective

Friday's Tim Burton: King of Halloween Town

Saturday's A Touch of Doc: To Doc, or not to Doc, that is the question

Sunday's Neighboring Sounds: Contemporary Latin American Cinema


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