2013 Series

Fall 2013

Monday's Memories of Memories: Terence Davies & Hou Hsaio-Hsien

Tuesday's The Awkward Years: Early Sound Films

Wednesday's Drowning in the Bathtub: the Films of John Cassavetes

Thursday 1's Olivier Assayas: A Retrospective

Thursday 2's Odd Todds: Solondz & Haynes

Friday's Auteurs of Obsession: David Fincher & Darren Aronofsky

Saturday's New Movies Can Still Be Good: New Releases

Sunday's You'll Die Laughing: Comedies of Murder


Spring 2013

Monday's Lost Wings: Film Noir Femme Fatales

Tuesday's From Silence to Pandemonium: Art Theatre Guild and Japanese Underground Cinema

Wednesday's Werner Herzog: Es ist keine Überraschung, wird für mich durch Waffen abgedruckt

Thursday 1's Hepburn/Monroe: The Two Girls We Love to Love

Thursday 2's Headbangersploitation: Heavy Metal on Film

Friday's New Hollywood 1967-81: Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, and Friends

Saturday's Zero Doc Thirty: Kulturindustrie Latests

Sunday's Chris Marker and Agnes Varda: From The Left Bank


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