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10/7/2019 @ 9:30 PM

Birds of Passage

(Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra, 2018) · Birds of Passage tells the story of an indigenous Wayuu family caught up in the Colombian drug trade in the 1970s. What begins as a lucrative business turns into war as Rapayet and his family attempt to wrestle control of what they created, putting their lives and everything they know at stake. Winner of 19 awards and 30 nominations in 2018, including Best Latin-American Film at the Ariel Awards, Birds of Passage tells of the conflict of the time through an indigenous lens. Presented in collaboration with the Latinx Heritage Committee

runtime: 125m format: DCP


10/14/2019 @ 9:30 PM

All About my Mother (FREE 35mm showing Friday 10/18 @ 9:30 PM)

(Pedro Almodóvar, 1999) · All About My Mother is a reflection on grief, healing, and the unshakeable bonds that flower alongside them. In the wake of a life-rupturing trauma, Manuela sets out in search of the transgender woman who used to be her husband, bringing her into the orbit of an array of colorful characters like a transgender sex worker (Antonia San Juan) and a Catholic nun (Penelope Cruz). This kaleidoscopic panorama of Barcelona and its denizens is punch-drunk on Almodóvar's insatiable visual imagination and boundless empathy for his characters.

runtime: 101m format: DCP


10/28/2019 @ 9:30 PM

The Sixth Sense

(M. Night Shyamalan, 1999) · 20th anniversary screening! The Sixth Sense tells the story of Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), a young boy who can see and speak to the dead. Terrified, Cole only confides his secret to Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychologist, who attempts to uncover the truth of Cole's supernatural abilities. This 1999 American supernaturtal horror drama brought writer-director M. Night Shyamalan and his love for plot twists to fame.

runtime: 107m format: 35mm


11/4/2019 @ 9:30 PM

The Dreamlife of Angels

(Erick Zonca, 1998) · 20th anniversary screening! Two working class women, Isa and Marie, are just scraping by as seamstresses in Lille. One is a tough realist, the other a tired dreamer. The two befriend each other and move in together, entangling their errant hopes and terrors. As both women seek better lives, it becomes clear that sometimes the more intimate the connection the more isolating the situation.

runtime: 113m format: 35mm


11/11/2019 @ 9:30 PM

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

(Paul Mazursky, 1969) · 50th anniversary screening! Mazursky's satirical sex farce is an overlooked gem of the New Hollywood era. A pair of couples decide to get with the sexual program and try open marriages; their trials and tribulations raise some unsettling questions about the utopia promised by the freewheeling hedonism of the 60s. Don't miss this chance to observe the Boomer in its natural habitat, and to delight in watching their generational self-absorption--responsible for the mess we've inherited today--get skewered by one of their own.

runtime: 105m format: 35mm


11/18/2019 @ 9:30 PM

Body Double

(Brian De Palma, 1984) · 35th anniversary screening! In Brian de Palma's neo-noir erotic thriller, a young actor loses his job and his girlfriend and starts house-sitting in the Hollywood Hills. While looking out the house one night, he witnesses the murder of a beautiful woman dancing in her window. In search of answers, he's guided by a porn actress through the world of adult entertainment. As an homage to many of Hitchcock's films, Body Double features themes such as voyeurism and obsession, and has become a cult film over time.

runtime: 114m format: DCP


11/25/2019 @ 9:30 PM


(Ridley Scott, 1979) · 40th anniversary screening! The crew of the space tug Nostromo is awakened from stasis in response to a nearby distress signal. On their impromptu mission, they are put in contact with a mysterious alien being. Straight from the nightmares of Swiss artist H. R. Giger, the creature hunts the crew with deadly efficiency. Featuring the first on-screen performance of Sigourney Weaver as the unlikely heroine Ripley, Ridley Scott's science fiction horror masterwork paved the way for a global franchise that is still kicking today.

runtime: 117m format: 35mm


12/2/2019 @ 9:30 PM

Duet for Cannibals

(Susan Sontag, 1969) · New restoration! In this portrait of 60s radicalism and its discontents, Sontag's formidable intellect is firing on all cylinders. A secretary is drawn into a maze of sadistic power games with her boss, a former revolutionary guerilla. In her writing, Sontag accorded art a life-or-death seriousness, asking of it nothing less than spiritual transformation, and Duet for Cannibals testifies that she imbued her own creative work with that same grave importance. She could put her money where her mouth was.

runtime: 105m format: DCP


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