MONDAY @ 7:00 PM

Free Screening: Alexandria... Why?

(Youssef Chahine, 1979) · New restoration! Winner of the Silver Bear at the Berlinale, this is one of Chahine's most popular movies abroad: a grand autobiographical ode to pre-WW2 cosmopolitan Alexandria centering on a young actor (standing in for Chahine) who dreams of studying acting in the United States. Whimsical, multi-layered, and utterly invigorating, this loving, crowd-pleasing panorama of Chahine's birthplace meticulously reconstructs an Alexandria known by few outside Egypt. (Description by KVIFF)

runtime: 133m format: DCP


MONDAY @ 9:30 PM

Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

(Paul Mazursky, 1969) · 50th anniversary screening! Mazursky's satirical sex farce is an overlooked gem of the New Hollywood era. A pair of couples decide to get with the sexual program and try open marriages; their trials and tribulations raise some unsettling questions about the utopia promised by the freewheeling hedonism of the 60s. Don't miss this chance to observe the Boomer in its natural habitat, and to delight in watching their generational self-absorption--responsible for the mess we've inherited today--get skewered by one of their own.

runtime: 113m format: 35mm



The Fabulous Baron Munchausen

(Karel Zeman, 1962) · Described as a "cinematic whirligig of animation, live-action, painted backdrops, and trick photography tinting, Zeman's adaptation of the flamboyant Baron Munchausen's exploits remains a visionary delight. Chronicling adventures that include stops at the moon and in a whale's belly, as well as encounters with a cosmonaut, sultan, and princess" The Fabulous Baron Munchausen is a quicksilver, fancy-studded tribute to imagination and, per the cosmonaut, to "the spirit of man" (Hal Erickson).

runtime: 83m format: DCP


WEDNESDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM

The Palm Beach Story

(Preston Sturges, 1942) · Sturges was also a wild and crazy inventor. As a fifteen year old managing his mother's cosmetics company, he invented the kiss-proof lipstick. The inventor hero here needs funding for his airport in the sky. His devoted wife goes in search of investors by divorcing him and proposing to marry various millionaires in exchange for their investment in her ex-lover's invention. The old new money Wienie King and the young old money J.D Hackensacker III step up to offer themselves and their money.

runtime: 90m format: 35mm




(Cameron Crowe, 1992) · Named after the one-bedroom units of the apartment block in which it takes place, Singles explores the culture of Seattle's grunge scene in the early 1990s. The film focuses on the stressed-at-times relationships between two couples, as well as their friends and co-workers. Featuring music by contemporary grunge artists such as Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam, Singles's soundtrack was by some accounts pivotal in the rise of grunge and alternative rock into American mainstream culture.

runtime: 99m format: 35mm




(Guillermo del Toro, 1993) · Guillermo del Toro's first film was a brooding, twisty vampire fantasy characterized by Catholic allusions, unsettling themes, and stellar performances by Federico Luppi and Tamara Shannath as Jesús Gris and his granddaughter Aurora. Gris is an elderly antique dealer who, after he begins to experiment with a mysterious watch, is transformed into a vampire. Del Toro investigates the cost of immortality, using ghostly yet striking imagery and a mystical score.

runtime: 94m format: Digital


FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM
SUNDAY @ 1:30 PM

he Night of the Shooting Stars

(Paolo Taviani & Vittorio Taviani, 1982) · A mosaic of tragedy, delight, cruelty, and compassion, The Night of the Shooting Stars takes place in a Tuscan village during the summer of 1944, when rumors of both Allied liberation and Nazi devastation swirled violently. A group of villagers, played in neo-realist style by a largely non-professional cast, set out under cover of night to greet the approaching American forces, but the events that ensue play out less like a docudrama than a vivid mixture of dream and testimony.

runtime: 107m format: DCP


SATURDAY @ 7:00 PM 9:30 PM
SUNDAY @ 4:00 PM

Where'd You Go, Bernadette

(Richard Linklater, 2019) · In Richard Linklater's newest film, Cate Blanchett stars as Bernadette Fox, a former architect living the perfect life in Seattle with a loving husband and a daughter about to start school. But when Bernadette suddenly goes missing, her family goees looking for her on what becomes an adventure to solve the mystery of her disappearance. However, for Bernadette, dropping off the face of the planet is exactly what she needs to rediscover herself and pursue her creative passions after having put them on hold.

runtime: 130m format: DCP


SUNDAY @ 7:00 PM

The Sacrifice

(Andrei Tarkovsky, 1986) · Set on a remote island, Tarkovsky's mystical final film involves a middle-aged actor, Alexander, and his family when they receive news of nuclear war. Troubled by humanity's lack of spirituality, Alexander bargains with God to prevent the extinction of mankind. Filmed in Sweden by Ingmar Bergman's cinematographer, Sven Nykvist, The Sacrifice was made as Tarkovsky was dying of lung cancer. The film won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and remains a moving and poetic last testament.

runtime: 149m format: 35mm


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