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Special Events: Winter 2012

Monday, February 13 • 9:15 pm
Screening of Fire Escape's 48 Hour Film Festival Entrants
Come out and see this year's entries to Fire Escape's annual 48 Hour Film Festival! It's sure to be a blast.
Sunday, February 26 • 5 pm • 148m
When the Bough Breaks
Ji Dan — China, 2011 A group of migrant children have grown up next to a rubbish dumpsite in Daxing in the southern suburbs of Beijing. As high-rise buildings begin to encroach upon their shanty settlement and threaten to swallow up their makeshift hut, the children are faced with a predicament. Should they continue their studies or submit to the early onset of adulthood? As they try to come to terms with their future and the limited choices before them, they begin a struggle to fight against their fate.

The film will be introduced by the director. A Q&A will follow the screening.

Born in 1963 in Heilongjiang. After graduating from Beijing Normal University, Ji Dan spent time in Japan from 1988, studying at Yokohama National University and at Kyoto Seika University. She later joined Asia Press International and began producing independent documentaries in 1994. Old Men (1999), a film about Tibetan farmers, was shown at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and the Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival. Ji has also filmed many documentary programs for NHK television. She participated in YIDFF 2003, as producer of the Ogawa Shinsuke Prize-winning Wellspring (2002). Her Dream of the Empty City (2007) was produced with support from the Pusan International Film Festival.

Sponsored by the Film Studies Center, the China Committee of the Center for East Asian Studies and dGenerate Films. Film screened in Chinese with English subtitles.

Second Saturdays with Facets

In coordination with Facets, Doc Films is thrilled to present three official selections from the Chicago International Childrens' Film Festival on Saturday afternoons at Doc this winter. Bring the whole family! Admission for this special series is $9 for adults, $6 for children and free for Doc or Facets passholders.
Saturday, January 14 • 3 pm • 99m
Rock It!
Mike Marzuk — Germany, 2010 • Are you a fan of “The Biebs”? Then check out Disney Germany’s newest stars in this fun School of Rock! While attending a special private school, classical piano prodigy Julia develops a new rock music! Julia’s mad keyboard skills impress a local band, and songwriting becomes her passion—as does the band’s frontman, Nick. To balance her double life, Julia creates an alternate rock persona—but what happens when worlds collide? Sing and dance along with the rockin’ tunes in this fun musical, where everything old is new again! (Screened in German with English sub-titles; Ages 9+.) 35mm
Saturday, February 11 • 3 pm • 95m
From Time to Time
Julian Fellowes — England, 2009 • With WWII coming to a close, and his father still missing in battle, Tolly is sent to the English countryside to live with his grandmother in their imposing ancestral home. Little does he know, the house is filled with ancient secrets just waiting to be explored. While the family arranges for Christmas, Tolly looks to solve the many mysteries hidden in the manor in this supernatural journey of friendship and self-discovery. Lose yourself in this fantastic film which boasts a powerhouse cast includ¬ing Maggie Smith (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Timothy Spall (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), Dominic West (The Wire, The Hour), and Hugh Bonneville (PBS’ Downton Abbey). Written and directed by Emmy and Oscar award-winner Julian Fellowes. (Screened in English; Ages 10+; some mature themes.) DVD
Saturday, March 10 • 3 pm • 92m
Time Trip: Curse of the Viking Witch
Mogens Hagedorn — Denmark, 2009 • In this fantasy adventure packed with thrills for the whole family, ninth-grader Valdemar meets Benedict, a scientist who has built a time machine! What Valdemar doesn’t know is that back in the Viking Age, an evil witch cast a curse on Benedict, making him immortal. Benedict can’t travel back in time to settle the score, so he needs Valdemar’s help! Together with his little sister, Valdemar journeys to the past, fights the wily witch, and learns the importance of responsibility and family. (Screened in Danish with English subtitles; Ages 11+; some mature themes, mild profanity, mild violence.) DVD

The Films of Yilmaz Guney

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