Projectionist Guides

Unfortunately, not all materials are currently accessible. Please bear with us while we are working on making them available again.

16mm Projection Manual* (.doc)
Service Instructions for the Eastman 16mm Projector

35mm Projection Manual* (.doc)
Film Head Simplex 35 Projector Mechanism Instruction Book
Simplex X-L Projector Mechanism Instruction Manual
Simplex X-L Projector Mechanism Parts Catalog
Sound Head Simplex Soundhead Operating Instructions and Parts List
Digital/Analog Sound Reader for Simplex Projectors
Simplex 5 Star Soundhead Operating Instructions and Parts List
The Simplex Projector, researched by John Cannon
Kelmar Change Over System

Digital Projector
Digital Projection Manual* (.doc)
HIGHlite Super High Brightness Digital Video Projector User's Manual

Procedure for threading DTS films
Sound DTS DTS System Testing and Troubleshooting
DTS Installation and Operation Manual
Slow Switching to Dolby Digital Sound
SRD Dolby Digital FAQ
Dolby Digital: The Sound of the Future - Here Today
"Are Movies Too Loud?"
Dolby Digital - Surround EX: The Next Step in Film Sound
The Evolution of Dolby Film Sound
Dolby CP500 Installation and Alignment
Film Sound Glossary

Kelmar Rewind Table
Kelmar RTV-8900 Rewind and Inspection System Instructions
Kelmar 7000 Series Reel Support Systems Instruction Manual

Splicers CIR-Catozzo Splicer (35mm) Instructions for Use
Neutaper Film Splicer Instructions for Use

Projectionist Study Sheet
Useful Advice for the Projectionist
Projectionist's Trouble-shooting and Maintenance Guide Vol. 4
Operating Instructions for the Projectionist
Reference Diagrams
Kodak Edge Codes
Film Mutilation and How to Prevent It

Power Supplies and Lamp Housings Kni-Tron Series Power Supplies Instructional Manual
Installing TEAC CD-ROM Drives
SMPTE Engineering Report: Theater Quality Evaluation Program
Theater Alignment Program Recommended Guidelines
Troubleshooting Cat. No. 661 Optical Preamp Software Upgrade
Intermittent Cat. No. 671 Failure

For refreshers on how to run a show, we suggest you refer to the Projection Manuals (*). For technical questions, please contact Steven Burns, Equipment Chair.

Thanks to Ottilie Young, Steve Lucy and Pete Watson for compiling these materials.

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