Tickets go on sale half an hour before each screening. Quarterly membership passes grant holders free entry to all general admission films and can be purchased at the theater. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This quarter, Doc will not be selling tickets online or with credit card machines. All tickets must be purchased with cash at the theater.

COVID-19 Note:

These policies are subject to change

Doc Films will be restricting who can purchase tickets during Winter 2022:

  • Those with UChicago IDs (UCIDs) must show their IDs when purchasing single tickets or quarterly passes.
  • Those without UCIDs may purchase single tickets or quarterly passes with the following restrictions:
    1. Single Tickets - may be purchased with proof of a full-series COVID vaccination*; facility-tested, negative COVID test within 72 hours of a screening; or facility-tested, positive COVID test from 14 or more days prior to the screening.
    2. Quarterly passes - may be purchased only with proof of a full-series COVID vaccination*.

Our full COVID protocols can be found here.

*Full-series COVID vaccination means a full-series without a booster shot.

General Admission: $7
Quarterly Membership: $35

We currently only accept cash at the theater. There is a Citibank ATM on the first floor of Ida Noyes for your convenience.

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